Joshua Gitlin (Header)

Site Palette Website Editing System

Released Through Digital Fruition, LLC

Site Palette is the result of over two years of constant work through my business, which continues to this day. The Site Palette system enables website owners to be able to manage their websites, create and edit pages, sell online with a powerful ecommerce system, and much more, all without needing to know HTML code or have any knowledge other than basic word processing skills. It's also an extremly powerful and flexible website framework system providing a MVC architecture, a shared library of common code, robust error handling and logging, design templating, authentication services and more. It is derived from a custom-designed modular structure where the core system loads modules which provide functionality to the site they are installed in.

Site Palette is released through my company, DIgital Fruition. It is a hosted SaaS product residing on Digital Fruition's custom hosting servers. For information about pricing and features, please see the Site Palette website.

Site Palette is a project which is constantly growing and evolving. I see it as the culmination of my knowledge and skill to this date, and as I progress in my quest for knowledge and better development practices I always roll my newfound techniques and skills into the Site Palette base, meaning that all websites built with Site Palette are constantly growing and evolving with me. It's been my biggest challenge and the most enjoyable project I've worked on. I take great pride in the system and use it to manage my own company's websites as well as this website.

Such a great product could not have been created by myself alone. It has been a pleasure to build Site Palette with our team, including my business partner Matt who has supervised the UI design and graphic design. I feel that this partnership takes the product to a level far beyond where I could ahve taken such a project on my own. Matt has phenominal skill in deisgning easy to use interfaces and making even the most complex business tools easy to use. I am genunely impressed with the ase of use of my system as compared to other CMS systems out there... after switching my personal website from Mambo to Site Palette, I find that even myself, a programmer, find the ease of use of Site Palette appealing.