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Please Note: DiffFrontend has been retired

DiffFrontend was an application I had developed many years ago. I have dropped this project and leave this page up purely for historical reasons. If you're looking for a program to compare the differences between text files I highly recommend Apple's own FileMerge. It is part of the free Apple Development Tools.


What it is:

DiffFrontend is a utility for Mac OS X which compares two files and determines if they are exactly the same, or prints out how the files differ if they are not the same.

DiffFrontend is a Cocoa frontend to the unix "diff" utility. The unix "diff" utility compares files and reports differences. DiffFrontend is an easy to use version of diff. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and the "BSD Subsystem" package to be installed. (That package is on by default, don't worry about it unless you specifically opted not to install it)

DiffFrontend is free software and open-source under the GNU General Public License.


DiffFrontend is available in two formats:

1. Mac OS DMG file (gzipped)

2. Source Code (unix gz file)